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Koda on the alert!
Prim, Aowen and Delilah as kids
Delilah with her first two kids
Delilah, Aowen and Prim as kids
Little Prim
Oso (the Australian Shepard) and Cubby Wolf (Border Collie/English Shepard)
Bonnie and Zissou
Our chocolate point Siamese cat Karob
Delilah (pregnant) and her daughter Roon behind her
Bright and Koda
One of the 100 hens that lays eggs here on the farm
Billie...working hard;)
Ollie, our little watch dog
Delilah on her due date
Wild Bee Swarm
Miles and Blue...very hard working farm cats. They are brothers
Laya being very good about having kids jump on her back
The Lady behind the madness
Zissou at two days old
Butterfly on a Butterfly flower
Bright and Laya enjoying some pasture
Delilah and Roon enjoying some roses, they go crazy for roses!
Oso having the time of his life at the beach! He's CRAZY for the ball!
Karob enjoying some warm laundry straight out of the dryer
Molly tending to the bees
Roon (on the right) with her sister
Aowen with her kid Bonnie
Laya and Blue showing some love
Luna the Guardian Dog
Fun on the Farm